Refrigerated Pharmaceutical Tote Packaging for Customer Deliveries

Cardinal Health is committed to uncompromised supply chain integrity and helping to ensure patient safety. That is why we are an industry leader in refrigerated pharmaceutical tote packaging. Our refrigerated totes and phase change panels help ensure that the refrigerated pharmaceuticals you receive have been maintained within the labeled storage temperature ranges during transportation. You will use the same tote and panels for the safe return of product.

Cold chain FAQs for customers
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Refrigerated Tote Program Highlights
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What to expect when receiving refrigerated pharmaceuticals
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How to prepare a refrigerated pharmaceutical for return
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How to prepare plastic container for returning refrigerated pharmaceutical products
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Vaccine handling in the chain process of refrigerated products
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Refrigerated tote qualification
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Whats Different About Cardinal Health Cold Packaging
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Limitations of spot temperature testing
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Orange Panel Non-Hazardous Data sheet
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Cold Chain 9:22

Refrigerated packaging overview video

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