Our history

Our history

Borschow Hospital & Medical Supplies, Inc. was established in Puerto Rico in 1951 as a family owned business dedicated to the installation and repair of X-ray equipment. It rapidly evolved into a medical supply distribution company, expanding its products lines to include medical diagnostic equipment, pharmaceutical products and specialized hospital products such as home care products & equipment and patient aids.

In 1986, Borschow Hospital & Medical Supplies, Inc., was the second drug wholesaler in Puerto Rico admitted to the National Wholesale Druggists Association (NWDA).

In 2008, Cardinal Health completed the acquisition of Borschow expanding its corporate presence outside continental US.

In 2011, Jon and Galina Borschow announced their retirement. Leadership of the company was transitioned an executive staff with vast experience in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Human Resources.

Cardinal Health PR became the company commercial name, introducing the Cardinal Health brand to our customers.